Akelas Unable to Enter Advancement

I have two problems:

1.) I have a scout who’s Akelas cannot enter his advancement. (BSAID: 14887699, SBID: 10299636) When I look at the connected accounts on SB, it shows full control. They believe their accounts are entered as youth.

2.) Before Parent / Guardian info was migrated to Internet Advancement, I could click “Edit Profile” for a connected parent and see the user’s SBID and BSAID to help them troubleshoot their account issues. Now when the new Internet Advacement I get an error “Logged-in user does not have access to this API” Is this expected behavior? I am the Committee Chair in SB.

@AndrewDykes have you seen them try to enter advancements?

I have not seen them do it personally. They were doing the “lone scout” program before they joined our pack this year, so I believe they are familiar with the process of advancement entry.

Scoutbook does not support lone scouts. So, I’d be surprised if they know how it works.


Yeah this looks and sounds like a leader needs to watch over their shoulders to assist them


Thanks guys! I’ll recommend the DL observe at their next meeting. Does anyone have insight into my second problem. Are connected parent’s profiles not available to Key 3 any more? I find it useful for troubleshooting parent’s account problems and retrieving phone or addresses when I need to contact them.

Edit: After re-reading correspondence, the Akela specifically mentions that he is submitting advancement and SB is rejecting it and saying that youth are not allowed to submit advancement. This is why I wanted access to his proflile, so that I could see if his DOB was populated. I’ve had issues with parents coming into the pack with missing DOBs, and SB thinks they are youth.

It sounds like they made an account for the scout and are trying to log in with that account in the Scouting app

Ahh, OK. I’ll have them log into my.scouting with that account and see who’s profile shows up.

@DonovanMcNeil - I get the API access message as well when attempting to navigate to a parent profile in IA


I know they were looking into this several days ago (Unable to edit parent profile), but I don’t know if they identified the issue, or if they’re still waiting on more data from me or others who had the issue. I’m still somewhat buried, but I should dig out later in the week.

@CharleyHamilton - thanks Charlie - I updated that thread. Non-registered parents generates the error

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Thanks, Charley! I added my info to that thread as well.

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