Troop Administrator Cannot Input Advancement

I am the Scoutmaster of our Troop and have been using Scoutbook since 2016. I have successfully recruited a new Committee Member to take on inputting into Scoutbook our Scouts’ advancement and activities, etc. Unfortunately she cannot see the Scouts when she tries. I have confirmed in Scoutbook that she is a Troop Administrator and is “connected” to all Scouts. In accordance with a suggestion I saw in the Forums, I reset her position as administrator. No luck. This has continued for weeks. I would appreciate any help.


Post her BSA Member ID or Scoutbook User ID (both on her profile page) and we will investigate. I suspect the problem is the BSA Member ID associated with her Scoutbook account does not have a current registration.

Here are those numbers:

BSA 13773934
SB 11830170

She is newly registered for the first time just a few months ago

The last time she logged in was 7/21/21. She should be logging in with kittybrown. If she is logging in with something else she has a 2nd Scoutbook account. If you can tell us how she is logging in we can find it. Unfortunately her name is too common and there are multiple accounts with that name so I can’t easily locate a 2nd account.

she thinks she has logged in as kittyrbrown

Please ask her to try again since the last time she successfully logged in to Scoutbook was 7/21/21.

Try as kittybrown or kittyrbrown?

Her ID is kittyrbrown

it worked, she is in and can now see the Scouts! Thanks!

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