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Hello, please help. I had everything working great in scoutbook a few months ago, and I could see my child’s advancement, even check things off that he completed. After I because a registered adult in the pack as the treasurer, suddenly my scoutbook account has almost no useful info. It doesn’t show I’m connected to my scout or the pack. The cubmaster even sent me a new link to connect with my scout, but no changes. How does this work? We rechartered, we paid our dues, both of us, but now we actually have less functionality??? I looked around on here for a similar problem. I also looked for a help phone number or email too.

Please help, Thank you.

Most likely, you were assigned a new BSA ID number because something didn’t match between your “parent” account and what was entered in the system for your scouter registration. The most common issues are using nicknames for one registration or the other, errors in DOB entry, and other mismatches in PII.

The SUAC volunteers may be able to determine what’s wrong and how to fix it.

@BrentClavin It’s because you have 2 BSA member numbers, and they belong to different councils.

Your issue should be fixed for now.

However, I would recommend that you contact your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up your Scout. In the “Relationships” section, they should check that you are listed there as parent with your correct BSA member number 14805083. They should remove the other one (it belongs to the other council).

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