All my positions are gone

Somehow, all of my positions, except NESA membership are gone from my My.Scouting profile. I can’t access any of the usual tools. I have attempted on Chrome (in cognito and regular) as well as the Mobile app.
My BSA member ID is 105115868

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It sounds like you have multiple BSA Member IDs. I’ll look into this for you.


I did not find another member ID for you. Are you logging in with the ID that is your initials followed by the 1 digit month and 2 digit day of birth?


There appears to be an issue with I have reported it.

Yes sir, I am. I’ve been very careful to not ever click the other options.

Thank you very much. I figured as much.

Came to report the same thing. Database issue? Scoutbook says all our scouts and scouters are not on the official roster.