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How Does A Parent Remove Their Scout's Email from ScoutBook?


So last week or week before last now we had an issue with wanting to disconnect a single scout from being the only one getting emails from ScoutBook / adults.

Yes, we know there are safeguards of don’t include “Scouts”, they have to be checked to be included, and yes, there is a BCC too so the Scout’s email isn’t exposed. But, as a unit, we feel it’s just better the Scouts are not enabled (for now).

See this post:

Donovan McNeil said the Parent had control over this. I was with the Parent tonight. We couldn’t see how that was done/undone. There is no email field when the parent (with “Full Control”) tried to edit their son’s profiles.

How is this undone? What are the steps the parent needs to take?

Thank you in advance.


The only way to remove a Scout’s access to Scoutbook is to send an e-mail to with the Scout’s name, BSA Member ID, council and unit. Ask them to disable the Scout’s ability to log in to Scoutbook and remove the Scout’s e-mail address.

Be aware that this will also mean the Scout can no longer use the Scouting App or Scoutbook to track his/her own advancement.

If the scout goes into My Account -> Email, there is an option to opt-out of messages. Per the system:

“Setting the Opt-Out flag will exclude you from all calendar invites/reminders and all general messaging emails.”

In testing, when I now select Send Message, that scout is marked as “no emails” and I cannot select him as a message recipient. I don’t know if this will block 100% of messages (the quote above makes it sound like it might not), but it should block most if not all.

Note that this has to be done from the scout’s account, not the parent’s.

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It is supposed to prevent all messages via scoutbook.

Following up after more testing:

A scout (or parent/leader) who has opted out of receiving emails can still send messages within Scoutbook. If they leave BCC checked, they will receive a copy of their own email. If it is not checked, they will not. Either way, their connected parents do still get copied.

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