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Possible to delete parent email address?

We have 3 scouts that have become inactive, and their parents do not wish to get any more emails through Scoutbook, but I can’t figure out a way to disable their email address. The biggest issue are the event reminders. Any help please?

You need to remove the Scouts from the event invitations. The easiest way to do this is to use the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox which will allow you to edit multiple events simultaneously.

Once the Scouts and parents are not invited to any events, and not a member of the unit, they will no longer receive email from Scoutbook.

In another thread I found instruction on how to remove a scout from Scoutbook.
I had all inactive scouts in an “inactive scout patrol”. I put end dates to their membership in that patrol, which automatically removed them from our troop roster in Scoutbook. I would imagine that they will not receive any communication anymore.

It’s still best to use the Feature Assistant Extension to remove them as invitees from all future events before putting an end date on their membership with your unit.

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What is the reason to go through the Feature Assistant Extension?

It’s a quick way to update invitees to future calendar events. Otherwise, you have to go to each calendar event and update the invitees manually.

Putting an end date on their membership does not automatically remove them from existing calendar invites.

Of course it won’t, right. Because that would be too easy and straight forward. So does that mean in need to add the scouts again to the troop to be able to un-invite them, so they don’t get any communication from Scoutbook anymore? Is it just me, or does this sound pretty backwards?? Not having them on our troop roster anymore should automatically end all communications!

It is a static view when the invite is created. There is an enhancement in the backlog to be able to invite the entire (sub)unit dynamically. I do not know when that will be implemented.

In the meantime, opening and editing the event will recognize that they are no longer in the unit. Double check the invites list and click save. Using the feature assistant extension will automate doing this for multiple events at once.

I’ve never actually tried this myself, @jacobfetzer. Is the process using FAE:

  1. Go to unit calendar
  2. Click on “Add Invitees”
  3. Select relevant calendar.
  4. Select all events.
  5. Select no attendees to add
  6. Hit set (which apparently fires the extension updates)

or did I just blow up my calendar because I didn’t realize that last “Set” executed the process? :grimacing:

For 4, you need to select the events that have the same invitee list. For example, I wouldn’t mix committee and troop meetings.
For 5, I do select all on whatever combination of leaders, parents, and scouts I want.

Let us know. I’m not sure if selecting no one makes no change or removes everyone.

Apparently, selecting no-one didn’t break everything (at least for me). It didn’t apparently delete existing invitees to events, and it didn’t add anyone to events (at least the ones that I checked). I’m not 100% sure it scrubbed everyone, though. The one scout that I know was “extraneous” (i.e. previously invited to some events, but now “not approved” on the membership side) isn’t appearing in the events that I checked, but I’m not sure if those events were created after his membership was marked “Not approved”, so he was never there.

@GaryFeutz, did I stumble onto a correct application of the extension to bulk removing people no longer on the roster, or did I just luck out that it didn’t break things? A warning that hitting the last “Set” button fires the update (or creating a final screen that says “apply”) would be a nice enhancement to defend against users like me. :wink:

@CharleyHamilton That is the correct application. I believe I discuss that in my help doc… selecting no one will cycle through all the selected events and anyone not approved or existing on the current roster is removed.

The name selection is only for “adding” people, so only those that need to be added need to be selected.

Even when adding people, as it cycles through events, anyone not approved or existing on the current roster is removed.

I’ll add a confirmation - not too hard to do.

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Thanks, @GaryFeutz. I didn’t see it in the documentation, but I was reading pretty quickly (and I’m an engineer!) so I probably just overlooked it.

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