Upset Parent Wants to be Removed from All Emails

Hi! I have a parent that rechartered with us but decided not to continue. She still gets emails though and claims she doesn’t have a login to Scoutbook anymore (she said it a lot differently than that- I can’t copy it here since it’s not kind in the least.)

She’ll be on our roster until January-ish during recharter- if I remove her from SB, won’t she just repopulate though since she’s on our official roster? I also prefer to keep all of our “Lost Cubs” (Peter Pan-inspired LOL) in their own Den so it’s easier to remember who not to recharter, so I really don’t want to remove her to make that less of a headache.

Remembering to unselect her child when sending messages works, but is not fool-proof and I’d rather not take the risk of someone forgetting seeing how irate she already is at this point.

Is there anyone here who can change her email settings since she is unable/unwilling to do it herself?

Your local council now has the ability to do this using their Volunteer Support Tools.

It’s on their “User in Scoutbook” page.


Awesome- I will send this along to them then. Thanks so much!

If the scout is an invitee to events in Scoutbook, they will continue to receive email reminders even if they drop off the roster. The only ways to avoid this is to have the parent “Opt Out” of Scoutbook emails or to edit each event to remove the scout and parent.

If you end the scout’s membership, then edit each event they were invited to, they will drop off. Opening each event in edit mode will do this w/o additional clicks. Then close/save.

Another option may be to unapprove the scout. This has the added benefit of the scout still being visible on the roster, for you, in the Lost Scout den. You would still need to edit all events where they are an invitee.

As an admin, from the scout’s page click Membership > Current Membership > remove position approved check mark > Update. They will still show on the roster w/o a green “approved” shield, but not be available as an invitee for events. Ditto for their parents.

I do not know how this affects global emails using the communications section of Scoutbook…

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Who would have access or be allowed access to those tools? I have been assisting our Council with user tech support, and been asked to be the Council Scoutbook Champion, and am trying to figure out what resources are available.

Thank You.

Usually the council registrar, but could be others too.

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@JasonCostarakis Your council has about 8 people on your council staff who have access to the Volunteer Support Tools (VST).


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