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Amount should match the amount due for this batch when paying

I have been having the same issue for the last 3 weeks, and pestering our council for help, but it still is ongoing, as of 12/28 for me. It even shows up if I say “pay at council”

@ChristopherLyons1 Please provide your bsa member number, unit number and council? Thanks.

BSA # : 12767544
Troop 120, New Birth of Freedom Council

I will also add, that every time I have attempted, it sends out new “sign these documents” emails to the key3

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@KristinaJackson The devs say all is done on yours… paid and signed.

Hi Jacob,

Paid with credit card?

I attempted to pay online again this morning unsuccessfully and then selected pay at Council. Thank for the help trying to make this work.
Happy New Year all!

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So, pay at council worked for you?

@jacobfetzer Yes. I brought the roster and a check to our Roundtable last week and finished the process.

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