Amount should match the amount due for this batch when paying

Every time I go to pay my recharter the following error is returned:

Amount should match the amount due for this batch.

I have reset my viewer cache in Chrome and tried both credit card payment and ACH.

Any help is appreciated.

Please provide your bsa member number and the unit for which you are submitting recharter.

Member ID: 12870336

Unit: Pack 469

Council: Sam Houston Area Council 576

I’ve reported this to the developers.

I am getting the same error “Amount should match the amount due for this batch”
I have tried in Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Edge (in normal an incognito modes) with the same error. Can you assist?

Tim Newton
Member ID: 131721473
Unit: Troop 301
Council: Pine Tree Council (York05)

Thank you!

@RobertDaley @TimothyNewton The developers report this is resolved. Could you try it.

Still received the same error message.

Robert Daley

I’ve let the developers know

Tried again this morning on Firefox, Edge, Safari and Chrome - still receiving the same error as well.

@RobertDaley @TimothyNewton could you try again? Use an incognito window.

Still geting the same error.

@RobertDaley Would it be ok if the developers choose the pay at council option to test?

Yes. Anything to get this worked out.

Robert Daley

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@RobertDaley They were successful in submitting it with the pay at council option.

I tried again this morning. Same error.
Seems odd that only two of us are having this problem. Is there another link that will allow me to pay and mark for recharter, or does the transaction have to churn through on this site? I get the charter renewal agreement each time I attempt payment, so the actual charter seems complete.

@TimothyNewton I don’t believe there is another option. Could you try an incognito window, another browser, another computer, the pay at council option, etc.?


Just a thought, could it be the bank that we are using that is causing the problem? Just something for the developers to think about going forward.

@jacobfetzer I am also having the same issue/getting same error message. I tried using an Incognito window, completing on my phone etc. and nothing seems to work.

Kristina Jackson
Member ID
Troop 151/Heart of NE Council

For your DevOps team - I have tried Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers in each of their ‘incognito’ modes. I attempted the transaction on a 2020 MacBookPRO(M1) running Monterey; as well as Chrome, Firefox and Edge on a 2018 PC running Win10. Safari (on the Mac) simply says ‘Error’ and goes no further after pressing the [Pay and Post Renewal] button. All other browsers proceed to the ‘Confirm Payment’ banner and actually email the charter for signature in AdobeSign, before returning the subject error.
To ensure it wasn’t the card, I attempted payment with Visa and American Express with no change in response.
I’ve been trying to avoid that 2-hr round trip to Council, but I’ll do that if I need to.

You could mail a check. Old fashioned US Post could save you the trip! :slight_smile:

You win the award for most tests!