Annoying Registration alert with false info

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I have contacted by cancel and they have confirmed my son’s registration is good for the year. However, I keep getting alerts for this in My.Scouting and IA.
The alert says register * his registration is expiring soon. But this is not true I can see the expiration date in the roster and confirmed with Council registrar


Contact your Council and ask them to expire your son’s registration in the pack. It is still marked as Current=Yes.

If they cannot figure out how to do this they can open a ticket with BSA Member Care.

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@Daffy - Anna Marie should be able to assist with the request.

I just saw this last night with 2 cubs that crossed over. That would make me think could be widespread.

Thanks I will contact her. I had asked her about this before Posted here. I also didn’t see his name in the roster when I used my Commissioner view in My.scouting. Must be some hidden area I haven’t explored yet.

I have contacted my council and there was no issue found. I also contacted my district online tools expert who confirmed with me this is an issue. My son is registered correctly and his connections are good. I have attached a screenshot. it only shows in my.scouting and scoutbook plus but not scoutbook


This is a known issue. Contact your council staff and ask them to open a help desk ticket. Most likely the individual has a 4/1/24 start date and 3/31/24 expiry date which causes them to be removed from Scoutbook.

I will ask them to open a ticket. The scout has been a scout for the last five years but started showing expiration at the end of Februrary.

@Daffy I am pretty sure it is because your Scout’s Webelos registration is current (IsCurrent=Yes), even though it has an expiration date of 02/29/2024:

Registrations 1

@Daffy - Anna Marie should be able to end that cub membership which should remove the notification.

OK I will look into this. We couldn’t see this screen yesterday. We did see the youth aging report was still showing him.

Hi, Since my council registrar has already looked at this and not seen what you see. Do you have some more directions I can provider her to see this and correct it?

This was a national issue. I was told there was a call with them and the field director. It appears to be resolved now.