Another duplicate parent account

Hello! Need to merge a parent account:
Scout BSA ID: 128082670 (Cole)
dad has two accounts: Jon and Jonathan
Jonathan is the account that has the correct info and we want to retain.

Probably OK to delete or unlink the “jon” account. Thanks!

and another one (we’re doing some serious cleanup over here!)
BSA ID: 128153796 (Nathan)
mom has two profiles:
Katherine has the correct info
Katie has incorrect info in it

we would like to:

  1. unlink or delete Katie
  2. rename the existing Katherine acct to Katie (if you can do that, if not, I can have her do that on her own, that’s fine)

Thanks, again!

@TimAlvarado both are fixed

Hello, I have a duplicate adult account as of this year, I contacted the council but it still isn’t getting fixed. Shannon Crouch
(With the picture is the one thats correct. )
BSA Member ID:

@Shannon_And_BradCrou ok I think that is fixed

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