Duplicate Parent Account - Please Merge

One of our scouts’ parents (Initials G.J) for SB User ID: 2328996, BSA Member ID: 140139524 has duplicate accounts in SB. Can you please merge these accounts?

@VincentSbrocchi that is fixed

Thank you, could you also look at one of our adults, SB User ID: 12875431 / BSA Member ID: 14764875 to see if they have a second account that needs merged? The user has complained that they get an alert that says duplicate email accounts are in use when they login, but I can only see the SB account above. I believe the other was created in accident and never properly linked to the troop.

In looking through my notes, the other account might be SB User ID: 1210733.

Sorry, disregard SB User ID: 1210733 for this thread, that is another problem account I am investigating.

@VincentSbrocchi that is fixed

As always @DonovanMcNeil thank you for the assist! I have a couple other problem accounts I am working on, but need more info before I can submit the issues for help. Have a good one!

One of our scouts (SB User ID:1975705 BSA Member ID:140136990) has a duplicate account for one of their parents. The correct parent account (for the mother) has the email address *****13@gmail.com. Could you please merge the other parent account (for the mother) that is invalid with this one?

@VincentSbrocchi that parent is fixed

Thanks @DonovanMcNeil … as a follow-up (and using this parent you just fixed as an example), in some cases when I go into internet advancement to edit a parent’s profile, I get the following error: “Logged-in User does not have access to this API”. This seems to be the minority of parents that I cannot edit in the troop but is an issue I see repeatedly. Is there a root cause for why this occurs on some parent accounts but not others?

Clicking SHIFT and Refresh page usually gets by that

It doesn’t seem to have any effect for me. I tried it on chrome and edge on two different physical machines and got the same result. Just for fun I did incognito mode as well, and that did not change the access denied issue either.

One more parent merge …

One of our scouts (SB User ID: 1973500 BSA Member ID: 134191056) has a duplicate account for one of their parents. The correct parent account (for the father) has the email address *****@yahoo.com. The incorrect parent account has the email address *****@att.net. Could you please merge invalid account (att.net) with the correct one (yahoo.com)?

@VincentSbrocchi I have merged this parent’s Scoutbook accounts.

I would recommend contacting your local council and ask them to use the Registrar Tools to look up his children. In their “Relationships” section, both children should be connected to him as parent under BSA member number 12448252. They should remove his other BSA member number.

Thanks @JenniferOlinger … when I approach our local council about this they run into issues when the account is a transfer account from one council to another, and always just create new accounts for the scouts. I don’t understand why they have to do this, but I am assuming it falls back to a permission issue on what they can manage from the losing council.

@VincentSbrocchi In this particular case, the parent has 2 BSA member ID numbers in your council, and the parent relationship was under the wrong one.

It looks like your council has fixed it already.

@VincentSbrocchi No, I spoke too soon. The parent still has relationships to the Scouts under the wrong BSA member number.

@JenniferOlinger I believe this parent still has a scout in cubs in a different council than the one in boy scouts in our troop (which is a different council). Why can’t BSA just use one universal ID for people in scouting, it would save so much time for us on the ground when investigating and trying to resolve these types of issues.

I have a Scout BSA id 135776055 & I can’t seem to get his parents connected to him. They are connected to his brother & when I use the information from his brother’s account to try to locate them & connect I get aa message saying they can’t be found.

Mom’s Member id is 134626805
Dad has 2 Member ids. The one on his brother’s account is 110184494 & on his account (which isn’t activated & has no email attached) 135776056

Can we get Mom & Dad connected to son?

Thanks in advance

@AmyClabough There is a bug with the search right now.

Because the parents are already connected to another child in the same unit, you should be able to use the Connections Manager to make the initial connection. Then go to the Scout’s Connections page, click on a parent’s name, and change the connection type to “parent / guardian”. Repeat for the other parent.

Alternatively, the parents can connect themselves. In Scoutbook, they would go to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Connections

Near the top of the page there is some text that says:

“If you are a parent/guardian and do not see your Scout listed below Connect to your Scout as Parent/Guardian” (in red text)

The parents will need to know their Scout’s BSA member number in order to connect this way.

Another way to connect them is to contact your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up the Scout. In the Scout’s “Relationships” section, add both parents.