Multiple numbers, possible demonic activity

My primary ID is from the Alabama-Florida Council.
I also serve with the Gulf Coast Council, and have had a different number there for some time.

When our Ship in GCC rechartered last month, a 3rd ID number popped up and all of my connections went away.

I log into and my original number is there

I go to Scoutbook, and it says there are 2 accounts with the same email.

My local council (AL-FL)says the only thing they can do is change my password, but i think we need something more like 6 goats, 13 chickens, 20 frogs and a voodoo shaman.

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You can post the BSA Numbers to be looked at - Do you have them under Manage Member ID at

AL-FL 127226858
GCC 14673771
New mysterious ID 13665083

Only AL-FL shows. It WAS primary with GCC as a secondary. I removed the GCC hoping to get rid of the 13665083 that populated for some reason.

13665083 is your Scoutbook ID - that is different and not a BSA #

Ok. The 127236858 has been the only one ive ever seen on Scoutbook.

OK what happened is probably a recharter mixed your users up - I added the MID back to management - you will need to switch primary to get to your different SB Users

How do i get to where i can see my Scout’s advancements? It still says i have no connections.

AL-FL is primary again.

I REALLY appreciate your help, by the way. I mean BIG TIME!

It moved all positions/connections to one user - the other has to be rebuilt - for an adult it does not really matter other than MBC positions

But i cant track any advancement for my Scouts. Am i missing something? I’ve been crazy busy with work, so maybe i missed an update or something. I can run a report, but that is all it lets me do.

is 3771 Primary? make it primary and log into scoutbook

Ok, I have done that.

Maybe i found the issue?

you have 2 users like I said - you switch your sign in to the users with manage member id - setting primary

I promise I’m not a complete imbecile. Lol

As I said - set 14673771 Primary

Ok, i have done that.

3771 is primary and I’m logged into Scoutbook.


It is working!!!

Thank you SO very much.

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