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Another time zone 'gotcha'

Let me start with saying that I have submitted an email to support.

This last week I implemented having Patrol Advisors schedule their respective patrol meetings in Scoutbook, rather than me doing all of them. Some of the events created by the Patrol Advisors were in Mountain (correct) time and others were in Central time.

The answers from reading other posts seemed to be that letting support know which time zone my troop was in would resolve the time zone issue. But, if it’s different for individuals, that’s a whole different game.


As background, our current model is to hold a troop meeting for 30+ minutes (which I schedule) for troop activities, and then break into patrol meetings (which PAs will schedule) for the remaining 60 minutes. The skill instruction is the same topic for all 6 patrols, but is being delivered in the patrol meeting.

One of the comments that has been brought up in the past is that the time zone settings are detected from the device settings. I’m wondering if this is related to the issue your unit is seeing.

This weekend, for example, all of the web pages I browsed that included a “localization” feature (e.g. shop your local store) seemed to think I was in Arizona somewhere. I’m several hundred miles from Arizona, so I can only assume this has to do with how my ISP was routing traffic to the outside 'net

I’m wondering if something like that is why this seems to be both a semi-persistent and difficult to diagnose issue.

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Scoutbook is supposed to use the Timezone setting of the user’s computer or device when creating calendar entries.

If I was guessing, I would go with Charley’s answer. In the past when event times showed up differently (Scouting for Food, of all days…) on different devices, the Scoutmasters all stood side by side and verified that our phones were all on the same time zone, and that the event was showing differently on our devices.

Given that, I could accept that the ISP might be the issue. VPN could also play a part in this.

As for “Scoutbook is supposed to…”, I say, “Should, would, could and 50 cents will get ya a Coke”. OK… I might have started saying that 30 years ago when the pricing was correct…


Please send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with as much detail as possible including the names and BSA Member ID of each person involved. Post the SSD number you receive in one of the automated replies here and I’ll have the developers investigate.

Is there any pattern to the devices that are creating it wrong?

No. We went through that this fall when half of the troop showed up an hour late for Scouting for Food…

We tried to determine if it was phone manufacturer, or time zone, or who created a meeting, etc. No pattern revealed itself.

As noted in the first comment… already sent an email to support. I’d guess they can peek right into my patrols and see the listed Patrol Advisors.


What is the SSD number you received back?

It was SSD-101342.



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