Another User is Using The Same Email Address (Error Again)

I had this error previously in January of this year, and now it has re-occurred.

“Warning, another user is using the same e-mail address. If this is unexpected, contact your local council or post to the Using Scoutbook Forum.”

I am unsure if it had anything to do with a promotion to Den Leader and Den Admin, I should be able to control things in Scoutbook but still cannot, someone from my local council was emailed but has not rectified the situation yet.

@MatthewNeyssen it also looks like you need to fill out an adult application

@MatthewNeyssen ok this is cleaned up the best way - use the username to log in not your email - and you are not registered as a leader that I see

Where would I find to fill out an Adult Application? I went to under ‘My Applications’ and it only has my child there with the options of Transfer or Multiple.

Depending on Unit and Council you can go to - or you can get an application from your unit - just make sure to include 14546128 on the application

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Thank you, I found the application link and am working on it now. Appreciate you clearing things up Donovan!

I filled out the application but there was nowhere to put my ID number 14546128 on there, reviewing the application it shows ‘14613705’. How can I correct this?

give it a day then we or your council can clean it up - the 8128 is better for you cause it has your kids attached to it

I will check back, thank you again Donovan. I agree that would be ideal to have the 6128 listed.


Now when logging in to, the 14546128 ID is set as primary, however my YPT training is tied to the 14613705 Member ID as well as the application. Is there any way to rectify this?

@MatthewNeyssen I put the 2 MIDs under management so training will merge - you are still not a registered leader yet - you might need to tell leaders to look for it to approve

Thank you Donovan. We are having a meeting this week so I will mention that to them to approve.

Hello, I am encountering the same error with another user with the same email when logging into Scoutbook now; additionally our cub master approved me however says I need to take YPT, but I have already taken and completed YPT but it is linked to a different profile.

@MatthewNeyssen Adult applications can only be approved by the Chartered Org. Rep. (or COR Delegate).

Your online application has not been approved, yet. However, your training has merged.

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So, piggybacking on this thread, I have a parent (BSA member ID 140221323, at least according to what I can see from my end) of a scout in my troop who appears to have two accounts, both with the same email address, but with different last names. The one with the BSA ID above is connected to her son (whose BSA ID is 129819522), and the other one is connected to her daughter (initials YB).
She has access to the account connected to her daughter, but has never logged into the account connected to her son.

She would like both scouts attached to the account that is currently connected to her daughter, and the extraneous account removed.

@CharleyHamilton I have merged the Scoutbook accounts.

This parent has another BSA member ID number: 13546689, which has her registration history.

I would recommend asking her to log in at my.scouting and ask her to double-check her name and address there. She might be able to correct her name, if it is wrong. But if she can’t correct it herself, your local council should be able to.

Neither BSA number has the parent / child “Relationships” in my.scouting. Your local council should be able to add them with their Registrar Tools. They should only add the relationships to one of the BSA numbers (not both).

Terrific. Thanks, @JenniferOlinger. I really appreciate your help as always!

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