Another user using my email address

@KarinaMorales fixed - use you my.scouting to log into Scoutbook NOT your email

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@CrystalLosee I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

I’m having the same issue. Is it just a glitch? Is it really important to have it fixed? Very annoying!

@CrystalStein it was on both your scouts accounts - I cleared it

Hello, this is happening to one of our new parents:

SB: 12617598
BSA: 14473699

Thank you!

@SeanLavigne ok this is fixed - the user should use the Sign in with Google option button

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Thank you! Especially on a Sunday afternoon!!

Can you please delete the acount marie Uzarski
My user name is mluzarski is the accout i use all the time.

I have two account but cant get tue other account removed i don’t know how

@MarieUzarski This should be fixed.

I have the same notification on my account.

@BethanyBenjamen that is fixed

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