Another user using my email address

Scoutbook is giving me a warning that another user is using my email address. I am a den leader and parent to two in the pack.
I’ve not gotten this warning before.
My BSA # is 12717592
User id 9449648

@KylaGatlin it was on your scouts account - I cleared it

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hello, I have the same problem on my account. Could you help me out, please?
BSA member ID 13720149
SB User ID 11657651

Thank you in advance.

@RyokoMesseder same issue fixed

Thank you very much!

Hi! Can you help me with the same issue? I am a Webelos Den leader, and my son is in my den
SB User ID = 12320482
BSA Member ID = 109691077
email is (*e-mail removed by Moderator *)

@BRIANHARHAI I cleaned it up but you need to talk to your council - you have 2 BSA #'s registered for the same Den Leader Position - they need to end the 136449545 one

Thanks Donovan. I’ll talk with Council

(phone number removed by Moderator)

Hello I am also having the same issue.
SB User ID:


BSA Member ID:


Thank you!

@NicoleShake this is fixed

Thanks @DonovanMcNeil !!

I’ve got the same issue.
BSA Member ID:

(additional information removed by Moderator)

Thank you for your time,

@JonathanStarnes Your e-mail address was also on your Scouts’ Scoutbook accounts. I have removed it.

This happened to my husband. He can’t even log-in to post this, so I am posting for him.

Memer ID: (removed)
SB user ID: 12177780

He would like to keep his (removed) login name please.

@SarahBerndt this is fixed

I am having the same message and I suspect it is connected to my son’s account.
I am Jeffrey Kuck, (removed)

@JeffreyKuck your email was on your wifes account - Your scout has Sign in with Apple turned on - they need to click that to sign in

Hello! I am having the same issue, I have a AOL and just became a den leader for lions. one has my son but doesn’t recognize me as the den leader and the other recognizes me as a den leader but doesn’t have my son.
SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

Hello. I too am having this problem