Another user using the same email address - I think it may be my son's account - how to correct?

I am receiving an error stating another user is using the same email address as my own account. Scoutbook ID: 995199 BSA Member ID:135826233

Thank you!

@MichelleThompson that is fixed

Thank you so much! Have a great week.

I am seeing the same error. I am also unable to RSVP for events for myself, but still can for my linked Scouts. I used to see my name twice in the troop roster, nickname (the account I actually use) and also given name (never used/logged in). The nickname account no longer shows up and the given name account says pending. Can those accounts be merged under the account I actually use?

SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

@FrankAguilar that is fixed now

Thank you for the very quick assist!

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