Another user with email address

I also have 2 accounts. I think the second created when I did my YPT training. Can those be merged?

SB User ID:

BSA Member ID:

@MichaelHayes3 You have both apple and Google sign in enabled on the different accounts. Which do you want to keep going forward?

The Apple login. I just set it up on the account that wouldn’t log in.

I now show this in my account. I did an out-of-council adult transfer. I suspect accounts need to be merged.
member IDs:


At this point all I really need is my YPT moved from the gmail login to the Apple login and then the gmail login can be deleted.

@MichaelHayes3 Your training is associated with BSA member number 14218826. The other BSA number has no date of birth (DOB) and no training.

You should be all set now.

@GlennSimmonds Your issue should be fixed.

You will want to double-check that your e-mail is what you want. You had 2 different e-mails in the system.

Everything looks good. Thank you very much.

It looks like the transfer via didn’t move everything from the old membership number to the new membership number for my kids as both of their troops show even though I asked for a transfer, not a dual registration.
New membership numbers are 14521916 and 14545926.

I also can’t find the aol email address anywhere in the system. Where is it? Thanks.

@GlennSimmonds You should be able to add an end date to their memberships with their old troops in Scoutbook.

Which e-mail do you want to keep?

It says I have another account. How do I fix this?


@ChristineHayes1 It was your son’s account. I removed the email address

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Keep the gmail address. Thanks.

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Do you know what happened to my bio, picture, OA dates and all that stuff? Its all gone now. Thans.

@GlennSimmonds I think this is fixed. Please log in to Scoutbook and check.

Awesome sauce. Thank you!

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