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User ID not recognized

BSA ID 5395624 is associated with East Texas Area Council 585. As Council Registrar, I attempted a password reset but the information did not match.

The user said their last known ID was 12800364, not sure where this one came from. They have tried different usernames and passwords but unable to get into either.

first one has no current registration so password reset might fail - @GaryFeutz do you know?

The second on is same council but is deleted

User should use the BOT at my.scouting.org if they need to get in before you can fix it

and they might need to create a my.scouting.org user it looks like

Yes, he is trying to log on to retake YPT so he can re-register.

needs to create a new myst user and match it up with their PII to find the MID and match them up

@MatthewAnderson6 there is no my.Scouting Account with that first MID used - there is one for the second one that is the deleted MID

So they need to start the new user process and set the first MID as primary once the profile is created?

if they click Create account on left side of my.scouting.org > then enter FN, LN, DOB, Zip code - the system should find them and match them up with the MID itself

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Okay thank you - and thanks for your patience with me. I’ll let them know

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“Sorry that did not work. It took me through the entire setup of a new login, gave me a new member number 13833842”

@MatthewAnderson6 that is cause he added Middle Initial - the log in he made today/yesterday will now log into the original account

Does 137073575 need to do the same thing, create a new account? I tried resetting password but info did not match.

this user does not have a my.scouting account - they would need to create one