Unable to login to my.scouting.org

My wife has been having some trouble logging into her my.scouting.org account. Normally she does it the same way I do.

  1. Go to scoutbook.scouting.org and login with username and password
  2. Click on the “Home” icon to show the menu
  3. Select the “my.scouting Home Page” button

Now at this point on my account I see a loading button and then shortly after the My Scouting page loads. However on her account, it just gets stuck at the loading area. Tried different browsers, no luck.

We also compared her scoutbook account info page to mine and looks like her scoutbook.scouting.org account no longer is linked to to her my.scouting account as there is no “My Training” or “my.scouting Manage Member ID”


Her IDs:

SB User ID: 9013787
BSA Member ID: 137365948


For some reason, your wife’s BSA Member ID was removed from her my.scouting.org ID. I have restored it so she should be able to successfully log in now.

Her ID is her first initial, middle initial, last name.

Awesome, that did it. She is able to get into her my.scouting.org account again.

Thank you for the help

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