ASM Account, lost my sons 2 accounts, not listed in connections

Before I call the district to attempt to retrieve their IDs, are there any other steps I can perform to recover their connections to my account?

I performed no actions to lose these accounts. They were gone on login this morning.

And, no offense to the forum, nor it’s helpfulness, but is there a phone support line for Scoutbook?



did you check my account > my connections to see if you see them there

Did you fill out a new application recently? You might go to My Account and try Switch SSO with your My.scouting credentials.

Phone is just the national number and a long hold time - email if the above does not work - your District and Council can do nothing in this situation

Thanks for responding, Donovan.

I’m not certain what fixed what, but I ended up logging out and back in to Scoutbook and my.scouting several times.

Somewhere along the way, Scoutbook realized that I have two different IDs (one for Scoutbook, one for my.scouting) and provided a dialog to sync them and flatten the second ID into the first.

A few more log outs and log ins, I appear to be working again.

What adds to this confusion - even after syncing with my.Scouting via a SSO, Scoutbook does not provide any form of positive feedback that you have completed this action. The SSO page reads just like it did prior to synching. It does not indicate that you are already successfully synced.

I’ll look for a suggestions forum for this enhancement.

Thanks again & YIS,

that is what I was guessing - go to - Legacy tools - Manage Member ID - you can merge multiple BSA # s there

Interesting - found the Legacy tools link, but the page is broken:

What steps should we take to escalate this to the page owner?



Worked fine for me - what browser are you using? Edge? try Firefox or Chrome


Does my.scouting have a phone support number?


just the main national number or

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

Appreciate all of your time and help. Would you mind confirming the URL for the Manage Member ID page? Perhaps I’m not getting the same redirect you are, and could browse directly to it if I copy and pasted it from your post. it loads the tool for me - try a Private/Incognito window

This happens quite regularly and has to do with the way councils add new members.
Send a message to List the BSA id’s associated with you and any scouts you are a parent of.

They are the only ones who can fix this. A couple weeks ago I had the problem fixed for two of my members. I sent the message at 3:30 about 30 minutes before they close and it was fixed for both by 3:40. I really wasn’t expecting it to get done before Monday morning.
There is not a phone number but they are very responsive to helping members solve this type of problem by email.

See Member ID Manager Error discussion topic.

I see this occurring when my browser page or my.Scouting Tools login times out. Might also occur if the Sharepoint database file is being maintained. I understand logging in to Scoutbook and my.Scouting Tools at the same time might cause problems.

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