How do I add an Arrow of Light Advancement to a Current Boy Scout who didn't have it added when he crossed over?

We have an older Scout (2nd Class) who I noticed didn’t have the AOL advancement listed in his BSA Troop Scout Book. My son’s AOL carried over and is listed next to his Scout Advancement, but the other boy, who earned his AOL doesn’t have it listed, and he should. Where do I go to do this? It’s not a regular BSA Advancement now that he’s out of Cub Scouts. What can I do? From the bit that I’ve read, I should go to the Pack, but it dissolved 2 years ago, with Covid, and there is nobody to contact. I came from a different Pack to this Troop.

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I you want to post the Scout’s BSA member number, I can take a look.

As I said, the Cub Scout Pack had dissolved after this scout had crossed over into the Troop, and I just noticed this as this is my first year with this Troop, and it appears that they didn’t have much experience with Scoutbook. I don’t either, but had used it during my Cub Scout years with a different Pack. I guess that is the reason that my grandson (I think I wrote son, earlier) has his AOL award listed in his Scoutbook Advancement section.


I checked to see if the Scout has another BSA Member ID and I was not able to find one. I do see where his Bobcat and Wolf were recorded on this MID.

At this point your only option is to contact your Council and ask them to add AOL to his record. They may require proof it was earned, however, we do not have any way to add awards to a Scout’s record and once a Scout is no longer registered with a Pack, Scoutbook will not allow anyone to add Cub Scout advancement to a record.

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Ok, Thanks.
I was going for the easy way out…now I have to go deal with the Council…LOL!!
I know the boy earned his AOL, as I’ve seen the patch on his uniform, and his Dad (The Troop SM) send me a photo of his award, hanging on his wall, with his name and the date earned on it), but as I said, it appears that the Pack didn’t use Scoutbook, or did so sparingly.

Thanks for all the help.

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Even if the pack did not use Scoutbook, they should have been required to turn in an advancement report in order to purchase the AOL (and other rank) patch. The ranks from the paper advancement report should have been entered by the Council.


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