AOL Cub Scout disappeared after entering end date

I logged into Scoutbook to update our “end date” for the AOL’s so they could be transferred to the Troop and one of the Scouts disappeared after entering the end date. I never had the opportunity to “Add” him to the Troop. Please help.

If you are a unit admin, check My Dashboard → Administration → My Connections. The scout should still be there.

Use the Transfer Scout functionality rather than just ending the pack membership. Also, make sure the parents know that it’s not an “official” transfer until the transfer paperwork is submitted and processed by the council. Otherwise, the “transfer” won’t stick, and the scout will drop from the troop.

MYST Transfer tool Unit.pdf (191.2 KB)

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I am a unit admin and followed your steps by the scout is not there.

I tried advancing the Scouts this way as well but the Troop we are all transferring to was not listed. Our Charter Org is a Methodist church and our future with them has not been determined yet.

If they are not listed there you have a problem - is the troops charter completed??

It’s a UMC unit…. Definitely not done