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Application Manager transfer issues

We have a pack that is crossing over today and we are unable to accept their transfer applications. status is pending acceptance and when we click accept, the wheels spin but nothing changes.

I’ve had the same. No solutions, sorry. I was told “talk to council” which I did and they don’t know how to fix it. We just ended up using paper registration. His transfer is STILL sitting in our troop application manager even though the paper app has been processed.

I have the same problem and there is no solution. I was also told to talk to my local council.

They are able to, unlike mere mortals, open a support ticket for situations just like this.

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That’s what i did and was told to talk to the local council… and they don’t know how to fix it. Where did you submit a ticket?

Councils can submit tickets to BSA national for support.


Same thing. 5 scouts sitting in Pending Acceptance Status. After 14 days, it tries to “Reassign” them to another troop. Council temporarily put it back in pending acceptance, but could not fix. They contacted Natl and were told that cookies can sometimes interfere. Natl said to clear browsing history, use Chrome in New Incognito Window and try again. Still did not work for me, COR, or SM. I had already turned in the crossover applications to council, but the the Pack used the transfer tool before they were processed. So, now we all get daily emails telling us to go to application mgr.