Approved Awards marked as awarded without a PO

For Pack 9439 in Northern Star Council:

We had an open but purchased PO from October for 34 adventures. We approved 67 new adventures to start the next PO. When we closed the October PO, it marked all the PO items and ‘needs purchasing’ non-PO items as awarded. The new items are not on the old PO if we re-open and not listed for needs purchasing. Under the scouts profiles the new ones are marked as awarded for today.

I was able to run a mid-Oct to Dec Pack Roster Advancement History report from Internet Advancement (eventually) to find the missing items for a make-shift purchasing report.

I am guessing this is a bug. We never had any issues with this in the past. Just wanted to pass that along.

Every time I’ve encountered this, it’s because someone went into the needs awarding report and marked everything awarded without realizing they show up on needs awarding as soon as they are marked approved (even before they are added to the PO).

Thank you for the quick response.

It was our advancement coordinator who ran our past 20 reports that was doing it last night. He said that has never happened before.

He was having issuing logging in so I logged being committee chair with full pack access. I saw all the advancements listed under needs purchasing with option to add to open PO or close PO. Then he got into his account so I went back to the main screen. He said after he closed PO all the awards disappeared.

Is the mark as awarded part of the close PO process or a separate process? It’s possible after closing PO he went to need awarding and marked everything by accident. The ‘new’ awards do say Marked Awarded by him.

The advancement coordinator is the only one who ever deals with the PO and marked as awarded process. I said I would post this because I thought I saw other people having issues with reports. I don’t know if there is a log of what he clicked or ran for reports, etc… It was late and last minute so human error is always a possibility.

Closing a PO does not mark them awarded. The only way to mark everything awarded at one time is to use the Needs Awarding report.

If you are a unit admin or Key 3/Key 3 Delegate, you can run the Audit Log Report from:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Unit Reports → Audit Log Report

Select only the Advancement Logs or else you get a ton of other miscellaneous stuff that’s not germane to the question. That should list who marked items Completed, Leader Approved, and/or Awarded. That way, you can reach out to that person about the proper procedure for the future, as well as identifying what was erroneously marked Awarded. With the list of everything that was incorrectly marked, someone with Edit Advancement permissions can go back in and (item by item, scout by scout) manually un-Award them.

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