Are there explicit steps for parents registering a second child?

We have multiple parents that can’t add an additional child. Is there a guide we can send to people to make it easier to register them? I tried to go through the process and I don’t understand it either. Do you just re-register as a parent in my.scouting?

Are you asking:

  1. How to register a second child online in Scouting?

  2. How to connect a parent to a second child in Scoutbook?

How to register a second child online

No. Login with the same login used the first time. Using the link from beascout should make this easy.

That works for the first child but I don’t see any way to register a second child. What I was hoping is some sort of guide for parents who need to register multiple kids. I registered my son years ago. Trying to add my daughter has been confusing.

@JohnFitzgerald6 go to > Search for unit > Register

We had multiple families do this on a join night on their phone. Register the first. Start over, register the second. I guess the “trick” is stay logged in?

I guess I don’t understand where this isn’t working for you.

That worked. I had been just going to my.scouting and scoutbook.

Thanks everyone! I’ll make sure our Pack knows the right steps.

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For adult leaders with access to the Invitation Manager at my.scouting, there is also an invitation link. They can copy the invitation link url and provide it directly to parents.

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