Best practice for second adult

Hello- what’s the best practice for adding second adult to child. I admit I am fuzzy on what is and what is scoutbook and how accounts are made in one and sent to other or vice versa.

When a child applies we usually have one parent in scoutbook. I’m able to send invite and that seems ok.

For second parent (same household or not), is it ok to make them an account in SB assuming they are not active in bsa yet? Or is there a better way?

(Also assuming neither is a leader or on route to being one yet.)

We want to be able to send scoutbook event reminders and both get them- bc of two households or just one parent being better at email.


The best practice is for the 2nd parent to create a ID so they have a BSA Member ID (MID) then send that MID to the Council registrar and ask them to use Registrar Tools to look up the Scout and add the parent’s MID as Parent/Guardian on the relationships tab. 24 hours later the parent will be connected to the Scout in Scoutbook. The benefit of having the registrar make this connection is the parent can then do things such as transfer the Scout to another unit. These relationships will become critical with the new registration tools coming in the next year.


Oooo ok thanks … Thanks for the clear directions.

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Is there a way when registering child initially that you can list BOTH parents at the same time? or is it that each second parent needs to go through this process?

Thanks in advance

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The paper applications only have a spot for one associated adult, so we’ve always had to follow the processes described previously for the second adult.

For units/councils that permit online applications, there might be a mechanism to include a second parent/guardian during the application process, but since we don’t use them, I can’t really comment on that.

There is not a way to do this online either

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Thanks, @jacobfetzer. That was what I suspected, since I assumed that they had simply “duplicated” the paper process electronically, but I was kinda hopeful that such a feature had been added.

If scouters/parents wanted to advocate for something like that (i.e. ability to associate multiple parent/guardians with a scout via online applications), would that be a “push it up the chain via council” item?

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You’d think registrars would want that too so they have less of what Ed suggested.


Thank you everyone!

Ok I think I’m following. So if second parent creates a my scouting account, takes ypt…

We at unit level via scoutbook cannot link that parent via scoutbook to the child. This wouldn’t work that way and cause some weird errors … right?

Trying to avoid registrar… I guess I need to hear there’s no way around it.

@DF00000 The second parent / guardian can connect to their own child (or children) in Scoutbook. Go to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Connections

Then click on the red text in:

“If you are a parent/guardian and do not see your Scout listed below Connect to your Scout as Parent/Guardian.” [indicated in bold here]

The parent / guardian will need to know the Scout’s BSA member ID number to connect this way.

In addition, this connection would only be in Scoutbook. Ideally, you would want the parent / guardian relationship in my.scouting, but you need the local council to add the relationships.

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I still connect parents the old way… from the scout’s connection page and click add. The kind of kicks the can down the road, though.

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