Assigned Commissioner Suffix presentation on a unit dashboard vs past contact details (WEB)

I’ve noticed that on a CT unit dashboard (web/desktop/chrome) for any unit that I am assigned (5), my suffix is not displayed and just first, middle and last names are displayed. But the last contact info in the block on the upper right does show my name with the suffix. When the commissioner name is clicked, the breakout box does not display the suffix either.

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CT in the Blue Scouting app (Android) appears to have the suffix in both places, and the breakout, so it may be an issue in the web coding.

FWIW, if my FML is used without the suffix, that is my Dad’s name. While he does not have an active registration, he does still have a BSA ID # in the same council.

@RobertMckeever I would recommend contacting your local council and ask them to submit a help ticket to National on your behalf. That is the best way to report issues in my.Scouting Tools.

Try to be as detailed and specific as you can. Pictures can also be helpful.

Is there a list of council contacts somewhere for same? I had to leave a voicemail requesting the name of a contact who would handle help tickets after a similar response the other day on another broader CT unit dashboard issue, and have not received a return phone call. So that’s a big black hole.

It seems it is a bug to me, with the blue Scouting app displaying correctly and the web version dropping it.

No. In each council it may be someone different. In ours, it is the registrar, but maybe the DE. Others could be. Very different.

@RobertMckeever It is usually the Registrar or Registrar’s assistant.

Like Matt said, it varies from council to council. If you call your council service desk, they should be able to direct you to the right person.

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