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Help from some gurus on unit position not showing up appropriately in My.Scouting

I’m hoping some of the gurus on here can help me. I am properly associated with a Pack (as a Den Leader) within Scoutbook. I have been (and continue to be) an ASM with the Troop of the same sponsoring Chartered Organization and Council Board member. In My.Scouting, both the Troop and Council dashboards show up, but not my Pack dashboard (and hence under My Training, I see my completions for ASM and Council positions, but not the completions for Den Leader as it does not recognize me in this position even though I am registered and was a new adult application as a den Leader in the Fall). Is this a Council Registrar fix? Pack Key 3 fix? Hoping some of the veterans working with these two systems can help (and as an aside, I do have SSO set within ScoutBook and have only one my.Scouting account [of which I am aware]). I do have a separate National BSA ID that I switch between under Legacy tools (and have made sure I am under the correct Council ID when trying to view the Pack information in My.Scouting). Thanks in advance for any and all help! :grin:

I’d suggest contacting your registrar and asking for your two bsa member IDs to be merged.

@jacobfetzer can a National BSA ID and local Council ID be merged?

As an aside, I don’t think this is the issue as the Pack doesn’t show up under the other ID number when I perform the switch primary ID under legacy tools.

I suspect you have two within the council.

It’s not clear to me why you have a national ID, also. Within your my.scouting account, you can also go to menu > legacy tools > manage member ID to add more IDs or change the primary.

I have a National ID for serving on the Area and Regional Boards.

Got it. And you have two different my.scouting usernames? I know some people do that when they are involved in multiple councils. But I don’t think that’s necessary anymore since you can have multiple member IDs under the same my.scouting account, now. You are correct that the registrar probably cannot merge your national ID.

You really need someone in the pack or the council registrar to look up your bsa member number for that position and go from there.

Just one my.Scouting username

Have you tried Jacob’s suggestion?:

At go to:

Menu -> Legacy Web Tools -> Manage Member ID

And add your other BSA ID # there.

If that doesn’t help, you might have to get with your council Registrar.

To my knowledge, I do not have a third ID number (when I filled out my application in this past Fall, I added my current BSA ID number to the application).

If it’s not showing up under your my.scouting profile when the troop and area/regional positions are, the possible explanations are:

You have a 3rd ID
You aren’t actually registered in the pack

I have discussed with my Council Registrar and I only have one Council BSA ID and on her end she sees all of my positions (Troop, Pack, and Council) all listed.

That’s surprising. Just to be sure, within my.scouting, click menu > my dashboard > (hamburger/3 horizontal lines) > my profile. Under “active positions”, it has you Troop and council positions but not your pack position? If that’s the case send an email to Focus on the fact that your pack position doesn’t show up there. Provide your bsa member number, and indicate that your registrar says the DL position is registered with that member number.

So it appeared to be a bug with my position. I was entered as a Lion Guide (which is being phased out) versus Den Leader. When I was switched to Den Leader (equivalent position), the position and Pack information showed up in My.Scouting (as well as my training information).