Assigning Roles in Organization Manager / Position Manager

I am working with two COR’s trying to reassign roles for their Cub Packs.

One is trying to replace the move the Cubmaster of record to Assistant Cubmaster and to move a Den Leader to Cubmaster.

One is trying to move the Committee Chair of record to a Committee Member and to move a newly registered Committee Member to Committee Chair.

Both are unable to save these changes and get an error message that something like “This position requires a criminal background check” (sorry, I did not keep the exact wording)

All of the people that they are trying to move have the blue shield with a check in it by their names. However each unit has one or more adult without that designation. Most of these are people who were registered in the past 6 months, so we are surprised that they do not have CBC designation.

Any ideas?

When you registered them, did you do it online? A flaw in the system is that even though the wording of online registration includes CBC verbiage, you don’t get “credit” for the CBC until you turn in the paper or image of the paper form.

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Ok, that explains it - I hope that a fix is in the works soon.

Several years ago when the BSA required all leaders to authorize a new CBC, a “wet” signature was required. I have not heard if there has been any change to this requirement and I have not heard of any moves by BSA IT to support electronic signatures for CBC authorization.

If you post the BSA Member IDs (no names) of the leaders you are having trouble with we can check their current registrations in the database.

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Yeah, like @edavignon says, I don’t anticipate a fix. It would have to be a policy change.

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Many jurisdictions don’t permit electronic signatures for things like background checks, so I’d be surprised if that change was on the priority list.