Just added asst cubmaster/admin and lost ability to signoff requirements

I am a den leader and have also been recently promoted/titled as an Assistant Cubmaster. Our committee member just added cubmaster as a role and admin permission in scoutbook. Unfortunately once they did I lost ability sign off requirements for most of my den and pack.

I was wondering if there is anything I can do to fix this. According to what I have read I am contacting the committee members to make sure there isn’t an issue with my registration all of a sudden.

Well under this log in you are not registered - I see 5 BSA #s for you - 3 Greater Tamp, 1 Central Florida - Council needs to merge the 3 greater Tampa Ones - you have the No council one managed under manage MID

I see no current pack registrations - You are ASM under 134896919 - you are logged in under 137048900

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Wow. Thank you. Not sure how I got that many.
How should I go about having them all merged?

@ChristophSchutze 137048900, 134896919, 12660271 - are all greater Tampa - I think I miscounted before - Talk to council they can merge those - after that when you now what MID you are registered under we can fix SB for you

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