Change of position error

Desktop using Windows 10 and Google Chrome. Logged in as COR – moved several college students to Unit College Scouter Reserve and a couple of adults to Scouter Reserve. Got this message “This position requires members to have completed a criminal background check.” They were already registered so am confused about the message

The college students were already registered in an adult role? Youth don’t get the background check, only those who are 18+ and submit an adult application.

Post BSA numbers and we might be able to give more insight

Yes were registered in an adult position.


It is all about the shields. You need the tiny shields next to each person in the unit. If they registered online, their electronic CBC doesn’t count. They have to send in a paper one. Some councils may allow you to register without the CBC form since I think the main form authorized one, but the separate one allows on-going ones (I’m a bit fuzzier on that one).

I bet they don’t have the signed paper on file.

@DonnaSword Which positions are they currently in?

Unit Participant?
Assistant Scoutmaster?
Something else?

All registered as ASM

Tried one at a time since I was not sure it moving an adult to Unit Scouter Reserve and another to Unit college Scouter reserve was the problem. Same error this morning.

3 ids

Thanks for this info. Something I did not know. All that I am trying to move have the shields. All are registered as ASM’s.

I had an issue where I couldn’t make any changes if ANYONE (other than the XO) didn’t have the shields. It was a pain. I don’t know if that was changed.

@DonnaSword What are their ages?

Unit College Scouter Reserve position is for ages 18-20.

Unit Scouter Reserve is for ages 21+.

both scouters have birthdays in 2003 and are attending college now. That is why I was trying to put them it that category.

@DonnaSword Despite the name, the position is based on age – not whether the young adult is attending college or not.

However, that does not appear to be your issue, because they would be age 18-19 if born in 2003.

I am not sure what the problem is, but if you contact your local council, they should be able to help. They can also submit a help ticket to National, if needed.

Is there someone else on your roster (whose position may not even be changing) that is missing the shield?


I have one without shield and I took the app to the scout office. I will follow-up with them. This may be the challenge.


That was my issue. Not with the person I wanted to move, but anyone in the unit without a CBC blocked all moves.


In my experience, my registrar was able to find a CBC for the person and just flipped a switch in some of these cases (at recharter). I’m not sure if that’s the case in your scenario or if state laws could impact the viability of such a thing, but it may be worth an email to see.

Spoke to Registrar and person’s SSN was entered incorrectly so she is waiting the cycle to resubmit the back ground check. Lesson learned: I will check for the shield after I see the person’s info on the roster so I can follow up sooner if it is not there. This person was registered over 5 months ago.
Thank you all

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From a user experience, they should really have a red stop sign for those without it vs having to check to confirm that all have it. Well, except you have to know that the XO doesn’t need one.

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