Assistant Scoutmaster is registered with our Longhouse Council, Syracuse NY but does not show up in Scoutbook

One of our Assistant Scoutmasters in registered with our Longhouse Council, but does not show up in Scoutbook? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! YIS, Nick Brenon Seaway Trails,
Brownville NY


Please post the BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate.

12465746 is the current BSA Member ID, thanks for any help provided. Nick


While the registration has a 12/31/23 expiration date, the IsCurrent field is set to No. This prevents the individual from being pulled into Scoutbook. You will need to contact your Council for assistance.

I do notice her YPT expired 2/8/23. This could be why IsCurrent has been set to No.

I’ll advise her to update YPT and will get a hold of Longhouse Council as well. Thanks, Nick

Make sure you remind the scouter to take all of the modules, and that there is a 60 day time limit between starting the modules and completing them in order for it to count. It’s a common mistake for folks to think they just have to retake the test or that there is no time limit between when you start the training and when you finish. Each issue has tripped up a number of folks who’ve posted on the boards before, so I thought it would be good to reiterate here.

@NicholasBrenon Make sure that she re-takes all 4 modules in the “Mandatory- Youth Protection Training Learning Plan” (the one with the green circle and checkmark):

YPT mandatory youth protection training

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