Asst Scoutmasters not getting permissions

When new scouts are added to our troop in Scoutbook why don’t the Assistant Scoutmasters get connected to them? We’re about ready to give everyone Troop Admin because it’s not easy to juggle this. Strangely 1 Asst gets connected but the others don’t which doesn’t make any sense because the only role they have is Asst. SM.

Scoutbook only automatically connects Troop admins to all Scouts and Patrol admins to Scouts in the patrol. The Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox has a feature to connect adults to Scouts based on their positions. You must activate the feature periodically in order to update the connections as it has no way to run automatically.

It seems like an oversight at the troop level to not give the assistant SM’s permissions with new scouts like Troop Admins - why wouldn’t we want that to happen?

Also that doesn’t explain why I have 1 Asst. SM who has permissions (he only has Asst. SM - not Troop Admin)

Not all troops use Scoutbook the same way. If you want all of your ASM’s to have automatic connections to new Scouts, then we recommend that you make them Patrol Admins (automatic connections to all Scouts in assigned patrol(s)) or Troop Admins.

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If you give us the BSA Member ID, we don’t need a name, of the ASM that is getting connected we can look into it.

ID is 107151005

But now I think I have other issues - I ran permissions by position to grant Asst. SM’s rights and now most of the parents are connected to all the scouts as ‘adult leaders’

In that feature, there is a row for parents to be connected to scouts other than their own child. You probably want to uncheck it and run it again.


This ASM was a Troop Admin until 4/4/2020 and a patrol admin until 5/4/2020. Could some of these additional Scouts connected be from this time?

I did that but it didn’t fix the issue (first time I did not catch that checkbox, but second attempt I did uncheck it. It removed a few of the parents but most are still there so it didn’t clean them all up.

No these are scouts that just came in as AOL crossovers so he would not have had any connection.

Was he previously a member of the same pack as them?

I don’t think so - but haven’t had a chance to ask him, the more pressing issue now is I ran permissions by position to grant Asst. SM’s rights and now most of the parents are connected to all the scouts as ‘adult leaders’ re-running this and removing the checkmark from all parents did not fix it


There are only 4 connection types in Scoutbook.

  1. Parent/Guardian - for the Parent/Guardian of the Scout. This connection type is always Full Control and cannot be removed except by the Parent/Guardian.
  2. Other Family Member - can be any connection type. Intended to be used by members of the family that are not the Parent/Guardian. For example, an aunt that periodically takes the Scout to activities.
  3. Merit Badge Counselor - The MBC working with the Scout on a specific MB.
  4. Adult Leader - This is the catch all for everyone that does not fit the above types. An adult who is not a registered leader but has Edit Advancement or Full Control privileges will not be able to approve advancement.

While the adult leader label may be confusing, it does not cause problems in the system. There is actually more risk in adding a 5th “other” connection type than leaving the connection system as is.

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That all makes sense - I am saying that a bunch of the parents have All Leader rights to many scouts they should not have, re-running the permissions by position is not removing them, that’s what I need help with

@RyanSather - do the parents in question have view profile and view advancement? If so that how I have our troop set up. It allows a parent that volunteers for a task to email the other parents. On the pack side I have it by dens so the parents within the den have view rights.

For example, this is what my connection to my son looks like:

This is what my wife’s connection to him looks like:

And this is what the connection for one of our committee member’s looks like:

Can you post an “anonymized” (no name, no address) screenshot of one of the connections that you’re indicating is a problem after running the tool, and indicate the relationship between the scout and the connected adult (parent, parent and leader, non-parent leader, non-parent non-leader)? I think it might help everyone better understand the issue.

@RyanSather There appears to be a bug right now with connections manager that prevents us from being able to remove connections in bulk.

OK Thanks Jacob - I’ll keep my eyes on the updates for the fix and try again after that.

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