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Refreshing scout connections

We as a troop are new to scoutbook and we’re still getting bootstrapped. When our scoutmaster does a report (Troop Reports / Individual Advancement Record) one scout doesn’t show up. On further review, it looks like that scouts doesn’t have Connections to the troop leaders (Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, etc do not appear in scout profile / scout Connections, but other scouts have them).

When I add a connection manually, I can add them as an Adult Leader. But for the other scouts, it says “Adult Leader, Scoutmaster”.

Is there a way to do a review of this for the Troop and reestablish connections? How are these connections normally setup? I did “Clean Old Connections” but that just removed cubscout info and did not establish Troop connections. Could be related - the scout in question is the only one who we have released to manage their own advancement.

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Some Scoutbook positions / roles have automatic connections to Scouts. This is mostly Troop Admins and Patrol Admins. Unit Key 3 (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, and Chartered Org. Rep.) are automatically Troop Admins, but you can add others, if you wish. Some units will make the unit Advancement Chair a Troop Admin, for example.

If you go to your Troop Roster page, you can reset them by:

  1. Click on the name.
  2. Click on their position (Scoutmaster, etc.)
  3. Make sure the box is checked next to “Position Approved”
  4. Click Update

Repeat if the adult has a Troop Admin or Patrol Admin position.

For other adults, you can connect them to Scouts by using the Connections Manager.

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