Attempting to connect new scout to den admin

I added a new scout to my bear den and went in to double check my connections since it has glitched for me before. I double checked that my den leader and assistant den leader were both admins, and they are. I then went in to that scout’s connections and was able to connect my assistant den leader. It would not allow me to connect my den leader past viewing. I then went to my den leader and updated both of his roles. Now he is disconnected from all of the scouts in that den except his! Can you help me get this sorted out!


what is the den leaders BSA # ?? @CatherineStanton

There’s a bug with connections manager right now.

his BSA # is 135528679


I recommend you go to Pack Roster → Den Leader → Den Leader’s Positions → Den Admin then click Update without making any other changes. This should refresh all of the connections for this den admin.

It must have been the glitch. It worked just fine this morning.

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