Scout Connections not working properly for leaders

I have a den leader that lost full connections with his den, as the committee chair I can’t update his connections and a few other leaders, or the scouts in question. When I go into roster connections manager, it says he has full control of the pack as pack admin but he can’t change any advancements except for his son.

If you go in to his Pack Admin position, then Approve and save it again, does that resolve the problem? Sometimes, things behind the scene glitch regarding admin positions and going to

My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Unit Roster → Adult Name → Admin Position

and resaving can fix that.

ETA: Also, there have been some glitches related to not-yet-processed recharters which might potentially be playing a role.

If you provide the leader’s BSA member number, we can take a look.

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To be clear, connections manager says he only has view access, but when you click on his name to change it, full control is already checked and you can’t change it.

bsa number is 13531650

He has more than one BSA member number. 137165065 is the one with his leader registration.

I will work on fixing this.

Thank you. There might be others in the Pack with the same issue then because there’s a few that I can’t change.

You need a key 3 to compare BSA numbers at roster vs. Scoutbook BSA #s

how do I change the BSA number if it is wrong?

@DavidPiermattei you don’t - you can post here and we can investigate

Here’s another 12589846 on scoutbook, 136021257 on

That one is fixed @DavidPiermattei

Are matching but I don’t have control to change connections

@DavidPiermattei you have to be much clearer than you are so we can understand the issues

I think I figured it out. You can’t change connections if they are pack admins, but for some reason the pack admins aren’t getting full control of the new scouts. Even trying to update the approved role doesn’t work. Those were the only 2 that had major issues though. The problem is fixed, Thank You.

I had an issue recently, not sure if it is related, where a unit admin didn’t get the right permissions on a new transfer. They are registered in our Pack, but not our troop. The system lets us set them as a Unit Scouter Reserve and Admin for the troop. When the Scouts transferred over, these “pseudo unit adults” didn’t get full permissions.

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