Attend meeting and Personal protection on Individual Advancement Record

How are the Attend meeting and Personal protection filled in on Individual Advancement Record? I have looked for ways to fill this out but I have yet to find it. It is blank on all of my scouts records except for one

Screenshot 2021-10-18 153706

@JamesOkeefe1 - take a look at the advancement page of this scout then go to the scout requirements and see what the status of this requirements are.

They are all marked completed on April 16, marked “Marked completed” on June 25 and marked Leader approved on July 6. I included a snipped of requirements 2-6 as an example of what is marked off and how.

It actually seems more like a UI bug in the report, since the two items without numbers are the “headings” for requirements 2 and 6. These belong at the beginning of the requirements for #2 and #6, respectively, rather than randomly at the top.

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