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Scout Individual Advancement Record not showing completion of 2 items

I am assisting our Troop with the implementation of Scoutbook. We are working with an individual scout to get the hang of it. This scout just bridged over this summer from Cub Scouts, so he is working on his Scout advancement. He has completed 1a through 6b and it has been entered by not yet approved. He has yet to have a Scoutmaster conference so that is not been entered. The two items that I am having an issue with is the Attend Meeting and Personal Protection. I don’t see how to enter those items. I would appreciate any assistance that you can provide.

ETA the * states “17 items pending leader approval advancement data as of 09/04/19 synced with BSA national database.”


Attend meeting looks like requirement #2.
Personal protection looks like requirement #6.

Are those requirements green on the Scout’s Scout Rank Requirements page?

Yes, they are all green on the Scout’s Scout Rank Requirements page.

OK, I think this is a new bug with the Individual Advancement Record report.

Okay. How do we go about filing a bug report?


You just did. We have notified the developers. Thank you.

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Can some help me print the Individual Advancement Record with all the scout’s rank achievements? When I print the PDF for 39 scouts only my son’s info listed and not other scouts. I’m an adult leader and have admin access in Scoutbook. Why is it blank?

Are you sure that the other Scouts have individual rank requirements marked off as completed?

Yes. But it’s strange that others don’t show. Is it because they are not listed under my profile?

@KhamsayVongchantha, your position-based connections may have gotten corrupted. Try what I suggested here.

Thank you.

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