Attendance List cleared out - event duplicating itself


We were using a scoutbook event pack-wide to track registration for who would go to River Rats. One of the den leaders who set it up forgot to include parents (those were needed in the count too) and so the attendee list was updated. It seems like that cleared out all entries and parents are not able to edit to show attendance anymore. Also this event seemed to have dupicated itself 9 times on the calendar. Help!

Andrew Meyer Pack 49 Oconomowoc WI

It would appear multiple times on the calendar if each den calendar was selected instead of or in addition to the pack calendar.

I’d suspect that’s also how rsvp’s got cleared out… someone deselected one calendar before adding the others.

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Found a workaround - the RSVP report. Eventhough it got cleared out on us I was able to run that report and get what we needed. I suspect when updated to include the parents the box to have that attendance indicator was not on so multi-problem. I think we can move on. Thank you for your help!

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