Attendance shows Expired or Missing members

Scouts who have moved on… some show Expired, others are completely missing from the my.scouting Roster list (dropped off) are now showing in the Attendance list for a recent calendar event.

Please change filter for Active Roster members only.

@Rick.Sedivec so is this a saved event? or a new event?

The “saved” event had the correct number (28) of active members but many were missing from the list. I did an Edit to the event and refreshed the Attendance and all members regardless of status were displayed (45). On new events I get 45 youth members and only 28 are active.

Now it is showing correctly on new events. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It seems to be the refreshing and caching of the event. I change the event type to “Other” and saved. Went back in and saved it as a “Pack Meeting” and selected add all attendees. It appears to be correct now using the Chrome browser but the Scouting app is showing a number of 97 members. I discovered this when I attempted to take attendance on the Scouting app.

@Rick.Sedivec - the scouting app is really meant for parents and scouts and not leaders.

It appears that there is an ALL ATTENDED in the Take Attendance in the app. Are you saying that this feature may not be compatible with the IA Calendar?


@Rick.Sedivec - what i am saying is that it is not meant to be used by adult leaders… it was designed and made for scouts and their parents.