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Audit log missing previous scouts

Hello all. We have a situation where from one day to the next one of our dens had three scouts disappear. I wanted to check exactly what happened and headed to the Audit Logs. Not only couldn’t I find any activity for these scouts since the last time I saw them (about a week ago), but there was zero entries for any of them for the past year (where I know for a fact they were there).

Does the Audit Log only show logs for currently active members? If so, that is either a huge bug or a terrible auditing tool. Is there any way to recover this information?


The audit log only shows data for current members. The BSA has previously stated that units are only entitled to see information about current members.

Any unit admin should be able to go to My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Connections and if they are still connected to the Scouts, place them back into the unit. Click on the Scout then Scout’s Membership. Edit the pack membership, remove the end date and click update then edit the membership again, click Approved and click update.

If the Scouts were removed by Member Update, the note field will indicate the reason. If they were manually removed, there will not be a note.

Thanks for the reply. I find it silly that a unit cannot look at all the logs of past activities within the unit. If that is done on purpose well, it is what it is. They should rename the report to something else than “Audit Log”, it is poorly named as it is. (is “Current Members Transaction Logs” too verbose?).

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