Feature Request: ScoutBook Activity Stream & Account Trash Bin

I tried to see if this is a duplicate request and didn’t see anything. If it is, sorry.

What I’m proposing is an Activity Stream so any of the Key 3 could see any changes made in Scoutbook over a given time. If an account was changed by leader, reports were generated, etc. The reason I suggest this is often time data that was in Scoutbook one day is gone the next day and it would be nice to have a place to see a record of all changes made.

Also, if a Scout’s account is deleted, it would be great if it ended in a Trash Bin so that admins might be able to access it at a later time.

Some of this is in various reports like the Audit Log in Internet Advancement or Scoutbook or the Record of Change report in MyScouting

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There is an audit log report that can track changes, approvals, and similar things. Any Key 3, or unit admin can access it.

I believe that the BSA admins can recover accounts that have been deleted, but if a scout has just had their membership in a unit ended, unit admins can often find the scout in their connections.

Thank you for your response. Yes, those reports would cover major changes but I’d like to see minor ones also like profile was updated, etc. I just think a log of all changes made within a Unit’s Scoutbook account would be helpful.

I believe you can see that in the Audit Log report in Scoutbook, as well.

My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Unit Reports → Audit Log Report (iirc, I’m going from memory here).

With the number of units using Scoutbook, I doubt such a log is feasible. The BSA uses Amazon for its servers and the amount of storage required to retain detailed logs like this would be very expensive. We were fortunate to get the audit logs we have today.


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