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Auto upload of MBC

I am a council administrator. Yesterday, I asked my registrar to add two rare merit badges to my profile. Those two MBs are now in my position on Scoutbook. I was expecting to receive an email notice for the change in badges but did not.

Question: was my expectation correct?
Suggestion: in the profile notes where the process adds a statement AkelaSB_MBC_IL_Update, would it be possible/useful to append a date the record was touched?

Thank you, we will report the email issue and forward on the suggestion.

The expected email came through at 7:29 PM eastern time. If this is an indication of how quickly the developers are working through problem reports, then I’m happy to see it!
Unfortunately, the email received contained the default response rather than the custom text that my council has set up. If that’s as designed, it’s adequate for notification, but it would be nice if the custom messages that each council can create were used.


It should pick up the council changes in the email I think.
Was this email from the automatic update or from a file upload? From your first note it sounds like it was from the automatic upload. Is that correct. I want to make sure I am telling the delopment team where to look in the code.

It was from the automatic update.

what council are you in?

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