MBC Upload and Emails Sent to MBC

I’m a council admin and am wondering if the customized “edit emails sent to MBC” still function now that the MBC upload happens via scoutnet each night. When we manually uploaded our lists, the emails would go out, as appropriate. Are my custom emails still utlized or are there standard emails that are being sent when changes are made to a person’s MBC record?

I reported this as an issue when the daily uploads first went live - there was no email initially, then it didn’t use the custom message. The issue was reported as fixed, but I have not had a chance to verify it yet. September 30, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

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I tested this functionality by reuploading my MBC list with a single new badge on my own record. No email received. I’ve asked my registrar to add a new badge to my record in Scoutnet, and when it uploads I will report the result.

p.s. side question - the badge I added via upload has been there for several days now. When a daily upload happens from Scoutnet, will that badge go away?

MBC sync currently will only remove a MBs that are added or removed in ScoutNET. Since the badge you added is not in ScoutNET it will not be touched.


The developers were able to find your council upload in the logs. The e-mail was sent. Did you check your junk or spam folders?

For my latest upload on 30 Sep, I only received the upload complete notice and not the MBC change notice. The spam folder was checked but it is not there. Is it possible there’s some logic that excludes council admins from receiving the MBC notices?

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