Timezone is wrong for Reminders for Events

I exclusively schedule events through Scoutbook on the website using Chrome on Mac. This summer the reminders have started to show the wrong timezone they show 1 hour earlier for the reminder, but it shows correct in the UI.

I have never installed the application on my phone.

Here is the event I schedule in Scoutbook.

Here is the email I received. My wife received the same email as me.

Here is our timezone setting for the Pack.

Our Pack is in Boise, ID and it is currently Mountain Daylight Time, so UTC -6:00.

I set the pack timezone to Arizona and then set it back to Mountain and it appears that it may have fixed the issue. Maybe something wasn’t setup correctly for us.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help test out this bug.


Were those events that were previously scheduled or scheduled since the last time change?

The event was created last week. I wonder if we did not have our timezone set properly. I saw another post mentioning editing could fix problems.

The display is dependent on the timezone of the device you view it from

Why are emails sent out with the wrong time then? Everything I have is in the Mountain timezone?

Because scoutbook read it in as the wrong time based on your device settings.

When you enter an event in scoutbook, it looks at your device settings to determine your current Timezone. It then converts the time to central time to enter it in the database. Emails are sent after converting the time to the timezone under edit unit.

In your example, you entered a 6:30 event. Your device is set to Boise time, which scoutbook erroneously thinks is central time. So, it enters the start time as 6:30 CT in the DB. Then it converts it to 5:30 MT for the email.

I need to ask the developers to check their timezone. Could you confirm that all of your devices are specifically set to Boise (as opposed to a more generic Mountain Time)?

Something else that would be helpful for the developers is for you to check and let me know the value of the clientTZ cookie on your devices that show “Boise” for timezone.

Here is my timezone information on my Mac, which is the only device I use for Scoutbook.

Here is my clientTZ cookie in Chrome the only browser I use Scoutbook.

Thank you. I have asked the developers to look into this.

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