Automatically Accept Youth Applications to this Unit doesn't work?

A few weeks I set our organization settings to enable the feature for “Automatically Accept Youth Applications to this Unit.”. Thought this was a great feature idea!

Today a member of our district commissioner team let me know there was an application waiting to be accepted and I was very puzzled since I had enabled the feature. Sure enough - going to Application Manager shows me that it is sitting there. I accepted the application as before and went to check the settings … and yes the checkbox for the Auto-Accept is still checked.

Is there something else I might be missing?

Here’s my stats:
*1) Hardware: Desktop
*2) Operating system: Windows 10
*3) Chrome
*4) Browser cache: didn’t clear it and not in private mode (and this should not matter for this report)
*5) Member ID & Council: 115878576, Cascade Pacific Council

Side note: Does anyone know how long that has been there? I am usually pretty observant of all features and options and don’t recall seeing it.

It has been for a while - at least 12 months would be my guess, cause it was there when I was a K3

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I saw it recently. Our field director said it was new in the last few months. A logical reason why it didn’t work is that the application was in the system before this feature existed and was turned on. If that’s not the case, it could indeed not be working.

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It is too bad they didn’t capture it in a change log.

The application was brand new - just a few days old. The setting had been in place for several weeks before this.

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I’m having the same issue. The auto accept box has been checked for at least a month. We’ve had a few applications come in since then and land in “Pending Acceptance”. I know without a doubt that the setting was already in place yesterday when I posed this same question to my District Committee, and there’s another pending app today.

@RonaldBlaisdell Could you confirm what the automatically accept youth applications option above is supposed to do? If it’s supposed to bypass the need to go to application manager and accept the app, it’s not working.

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Waiting to hear back from National. I sent this over to them this morning.

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A ticket on this matter has been open since August 26th, and the IT group is working on it. They believe that they will have a fix in the next two weeks.


Awesome to hear - thanks Ron! I went through my council support channels about then and was told basically “yah it doesn’t work” but they never said they were going to do anything about it.

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