Automatically Accept Youth Applications to this Unit - permission errors now

Back with more questions on this feature in the settings for Organization Manager. Several weeks ago this appeared to be working and I had youth applications automatically accepted.

I was telling other adult leaders about this at Roundtable last night but when they went in to set it, they get a permission error / not authorized. Folks have Committee Chair and/or Charter Representative positions. Mine is already set so I can’t confirm this myself but heard from several other adult leaders that this was the case.

Any idea what might be up?

It MIGHT have to do with Recharter time frame? @RonaldBlaisdell ??

Good possibility. Some Council’s will lock it down, especially if they are doing paper recharter, or, if it is within 30-60 of the end of recharter.

Thanks - recharter deadline was this last week so that would fit. I’ve asked them to try again after the first of the year.