Recharter Not Showing

We did the internet recharter online and our council says the new scouts we added show in their recharter but they do not show in scoutbook. Neither do the changes in adult leaders that we made. Where do I start to make the changes or how?

Has your recharter been posted? The Council may see them in their recharter database but if they haven’t posted the recharter, the new members will not show on your or Scoutbook rosters.

How do I know if they have been posted? I asked them and they said it shows on their side and they told me to call the help line.


From what I can see, it does appear that your recharter has been posted. Check your roster in and if the new Scouts and Leader are not there, you will need to work with your Council to find out why and get the problem fixed.

The roster on does not show the current members either. I sent them an email.

Did your recharter just get posted today? Sometimes you have to wait a few days after it gets posted.

We submitted it back in mid January so I’m not sure.

If you are a “Key 3”, you can look at your Charter Certificate ( - Organization Manager - Download Charter Certificate) and check your charter end date.

It’s won’t tell you when the charter was posted, but if you look at your unit-level position expiration date in your Profile on, that updates when the charter is finalized (or whatever it’s called).

It shows that our charter is valid until January 31, 2023. I can’t find the unit-level position expiration

It’s under your profile at my.scouting in the position description itself. To right corner avatar icon → My Profile → scroll down to Registrations. It has the unit number, registered position name, and the expiration date all together in a little box for each registered position.